More Color More Pride?

It’s amazing how much of a kerfuffle these two additional stripes have stirred up. Before I wrote all of this, if you asked me point blank if I think the black and brown stripes should be added to the rainbow flag, and I had to give a yes or no answer, I don’t believe I […]

Papusa on a plate with scrambled eggs.

Recipe Time – Papusas

Papusas are a scrumptious Latin breakfast common in El Salvador and Honduras. They are super easy to make and can be varied wildly to individual flavor preferences. Since a friend was interested in the recipe as I was taught it, here it is in its simplest form. I am giving the laziest possible way of […]


Say Yes to the Dress, Monroe!

  Monroe city officials are finally getting into the Uber/Lyft conversation that has been a hot topic among local residents for quite some time now. If you have ever traveled to larger cities, such as New Orleans or Baton Rouge, you can find these great TNCs (transportation network company). Their ease of use, quality of […]

Scales of Justice

Musings on Law

In theory the purpose of a system of laws is protect society. Killing and stealing from one another cause direct, specific harm, as well as put stress on the fabric of a peaceful society. To this end, we construct laws that establish these as Bad Things and a system of Consequences to reduce the amount […]