Confronting President Trump

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Were I to be standing before President Trump right now I have no doubt the words I would want to speak to him.

“You sir are a liar. Whether by ignorance, delusion or malice, a liar remains what you are, and unfit for the Presidency you be.

You mistake the cheering throng of a fraction of a fraction as the support of the people rather than the niche they fill. You mistake the votes of millions against Hillary Clinton as votes for you and you revel in that delusion, believing fully that the support and adoration of the world are yours; That you deserve it when you have done nothing to earn it. When you in fact actively undermine and work against the very people whose affection you so desire.

If we were in fact back in the era you want to return us to I would be standing here before you with a mob, to rip you off your throne and hang you from the nearest tree. Because America does not have a King. America does not tolerate Despots.

Were America not as great as it is, despite your claims, you would be in very serious risk of the peaceful protestors instead being angry mobs, coming after you and your family for your crimes against them.

If the people you court, who support you through naivete and ignorance and fear, ever realize what you're truly doing and how it impacts them they may become that very mob, because you've been promoting a return to those less civil days and whipping them into a frenzy and all that anger needs a channel to bleed off.

I am not here to lead that mob. I am here to offer the more civil option. Step down. Return to your happy life of decadence and isolation.

Let America move on instead of wasting it's time trying to pretend the future isn't coming, because everything you're trying to roll back is Progress and Progress can't be stopped. Won't be stopped.

One way or another it's coming for you, too. You can either usher it in gently or try to stand against it until it builds up and crushes you. You've chosen the latter so far, so you either need to begin eking pressure off this dam in hopes you can still avert it or begin working on your evacuation before the wave comes to sweep you away.”

It is unfortunate America let this happen, but it's more so we've backed ourselves into a situation we have no clean exit from.

We The People must keep up the pressure, keep pushing forward, keep resisting the things we know are wrong, big and small, and try to bring common sense to the table where only crazy sits today. We can’t continue walking away in disgust and hoping it just gets better on its own. That’s what led us here. We can’t hope that people will spontaneously do the right thing, or understand what they’re doing in the first place when all they can hear is an echo chamber telling them what to do.

Article by Eos

Eos has multiple degrees in random topics and is a student for life of law, technology, comparative religion and culture. He works as a software developer by day, and freelance writer, game designer and entrepreneur by night.

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